Why do companies come to Reservoir Digital for help?

EDEM solutions wanted to generate more high quality leads from their website. We showed them how with Inbound Marketing.

Cooper Software wanted to generate more leads in a highly competitive market place. We helped them build the Marketing Infrastructure for an Inbound approach.

Old Marketing v New Marketing

What's the difference?

The Scottish Food Guide had an outdated website but more importantly needed a marketing boost.  We helped them re-build the website and drive more visitors and members.

StormSPACE were looking to update their website and make it more Inbound friendly.  We helped them do just that.

How do you ensure your Sales people have enough leads?

Here's how.

How do you double your turnover in one year with Inbound Marketing?  We showed them how.

Welbot were starting out and needed some help with their Marketing approach and strategy.

Still using GOPHERS to market your business?

Here's what GOPHERS are, and why they don't work anymore...


Three reasons your static website is killing your business.

What are Static Websites? Lots of small businesses are stuck with a website that they can’t change without either reverting to their supplier or hiring specialized skills, both of which will cost money, and sometimes not insignificant amounts. We call this a static website and there are some very serious consequences of having a static […]

Why ‘more’ means ‘less’ in Digital Marketing.

Here’s an absolutely true story, that I was personally involved in, that demonstrates the utter idiocy of going for more and more email contacts, Facebook likes, Twitter followers etc. When we were first starting out, a customer asked us to do exactly that ‘Get me more contacts, likes and followers, I need to reach more […]

The simple elements that make up an Inbound Marketing Campaign

In my never-ending quest to help you develop better inbound programmes, I was trying to find a simpler graphic to explain the elements that make up a straightforward inbound campaign.  There are lots of diagrams that show the process from Awareness – Consideration – Decision and from strangers – visitors – leads etc. but nothing […]

Turn your website into a lead generation machine

The secret is 'conversion'


04/01/2018 / Inbound Marketing

Buyer Persona Template

Buyer Personas are a vital element of any good Marketing Programme.  They define your ideal customer profile which helps you…
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04/01/2018 / Inbound Marketing

The Inbound Marketing Checklist

We developed a checklist for ourselves to help keep all the elements of an inbound campaign organized and focused.  We…
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03/01/2018 / Inbound Marketing

Our Guide to Converting Website Visitors into Customers

How to convert visitors into leads is our most downloaded and most popular article.  It tells you how and why…
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03/01/2018 / Inbound Marketing, Sales

How to define a ‘Marketing Qualified Lead’.

Defining a Marketing Qualified Lead is vital if we’re going to stop the continual battle between Sales and Marketing.  If…
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03/01/2018 / Inbound Marketing

Starter Guide to Inbound Marketing

This is our beginners guide to Inbound Marketing.  If you are new to Inbound, or you’re looking for a marketing…
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