Our Marketing Approach

Our approach to Marketing is based on ‘Attract, Engage and Convert’.  This means that you attract visitors to your website, engage with them using high quality content and then convert them into leads.  

The approach and methodology we use has been refined over the years to ensure that the Attract, Engage, Convert process works to ensure a steady stream of leads to the business.  It is split into 9 interlinked processes which you can do yourself or hire Reservoir Digital to set up.

Benchmarks & Goals

Where are you now?
Where do you want to get to?
How will you get there?

We spend some time at the start to understand where you are today and where you want to get to.  We try not to over-analyse because we know that you may not necessarily have all the information you would ideally need.  Together though we can get a picture of where you are and where you want to get to.  We also like to to set realistic goals for lead generation which grow over time.

Buyer Personas

Who are your target customers?
How do they think?
What do they need?

Building Buyer Personas is not just a matter of finding out who your target audience is but what are the messages that will turn their thinking around. In the process we are trying to build a database of interested individuals that we can nurture over time. 

Buyer Journey

Are they just looking?
Are they evaluating solutions?
Are they ready to buy?

Often we offer our customers a special price or discount when they are not ready to buy. But that’s what we do.  Isn’t it better to try to judge where customers are in their buying cycle and offer up content that matches their position in that cycle.  Our approach tries to define the stage of the buying cycle by offering content over three main stages of that cycle.

Keywords and SEO

How do you compete for position?
Can you get to the top of the rankings?
Is there a better way?

Search Engine Optimisation is a misnomer.  It smacks of manipulating the search engines to get you to the top of the heap.  But what matters more is the content you provide.  Since we don’t know the inner workings of Google, we do know that they favour quality, relevant material.

Conversion Strategy

Are you converting visitors into leads?
Can you define buyer status?
How can you automate buyer journeys?

Once you get a visitor to your site what do you do with them?  Do you have a strategy to move them on in their buying journey, or do you leave it to chance.  How can you tell what stage of the buying cycle your customer is in? How do you plan to convert visitors from merely visitors to engaged prospects?  The heart of conversion to clearly signpost your customer journey so sales don’t waste time.


Do you have a content strategy?
Do you use blogs to sell products?
Are you using video content?

Content is king. We favour blogs because they provide real fuel for Marketing.  Most companies blogs aren’t blogs – they’re thinly veiled promotional efforts.  If your blogs are about helpful content – How To’s, Top Tens etc., they have a far better chance of influencing your audience.  

Social Media

Does Social Media deliver leads?
What's the purpose behind Social Media
Are you driving visitors to your website?

Social Media is about engagement and conversations.  Although you could say that Social Media channels are just another outlet they are far more than that.  They can give you huge coverage just when you need it.  In the B2B world we believe that Google and Linkedin are key, but we shouldn’t forget Facebook and Twitter, although they rarely give the same results.

Campaign Development

Are you campaigns ad hoc?
Are your campaigns tied to company goals?
Can you get a campaign out in a day?

Building Marketing Campaigns is an ongoing investment in time, but if you have a structure around which you can build campaigns then it becomes quicker and simpler to execute them.  We believe in planning and to that extent we have a portfolio of campaign templates to help marketing departments get their Inbound programmes up and running quickly.


Do you know what works?
Do you know what doesn't?
What are your best and worst campaigns?

One of the key success factors in marketing is knowing what works and what doesn’t.  You can only do this with a solid bed of facts and figures.  It’s no use relying on visitor numbers – you have to know where they’re coming from – what campaign drove them, how many turned into leads and a solid Marketing Automation System does that for you.