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Buyer Persona Template

Buyer Personas are a vital element of any good Marketing Programme.  They define your ideal customer profile which helps you make your content relevant and interesting.  Buyer Personas are designed not just to help you define the demographics of your audience, but also to help you identify what they are concerned about, what they need …

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The Inbound Marketing Checklist

We developed a checklist for ourselves to help keep all the elements of an inbound campaign organized and focused.  We know that Marketing is about attention to detail – this checklist should help you to focus on the things that matter. Each section is designed to cover the most common activities, but there’s room for …

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How to define a ‘Marketing Qualified Lead’.

Defining a Marketing Qualified Lead is vital if we’re going to stop the continual battle between Sales and Marketing.  If you constantly hear complaints about the quality of leads being produced by Marketing then this matrix can help you.

Starter Guide to Inbound Marketing

This is our beginners guide to Inbound Marketing.  If you are new to Inbound, or you’re looking for a marketing strategy that works, then start here.  This guide is short and designed to get you started on Inbound.