Our approach puts you in charge

The way we build websites is all about putting you back in control

First of all you need to have control over your domain names and your hosting.  We investigate all that with you and make sure you own your website and are able to reduce your costs, which are often much lower when you do all this yourself.  

How do we go about building websites?

Because we don’t have all the fixed overheads of a web agency,  we build websites differently.  It usually means you get a website in a fraction of the time and at a fraction of the cost.

Step 1 - Understand what you want the website to do for you

Understanding your needs

It’s important that we know what you want – is it to attract potential customers, is it for e-commerce, online sales.  Do you need a learning platform?  Once we understand this we can start to make recommendations.  We will produce a report and a timeline for the final website.

Step 2 - Initial design ideas.


Most web agencies at this point will provide wire frames, followed by paper designs.  We do neither of these things.  We present design ideas online and let you view them.  You can then tell us what you like and what you don’t like.

Step 3 - The build

Web Developer

Again, most web agencies will start to build your website and a few weeks or months later they’ll come back to you with an initial build.  That’s not what we do.  We build online and you can view the results immediately, 24 hours a day.  You will be heavily involved in the design process as it happens.  This is the aspect of building websites our customers love.  It puts you in control of the whole process.

Step 4 - Testing

You and Us

Because you can see things happening, as it happens, you can be testing your website as we build it.  Sounds crazy, we know, but it really works, and it prevents us going down black holes.  In fact there almost isn’t a separate testing stage because you will be learning and working alongside us in the design stage.

Step 5 - Handover

You and Us

Handover isn’t a single event.  There are a number of aspects to this.  The first is training – showing you how the website works and how you can do things yourself.  Second is the whole marketing aspect, which is vital if you are not to waste your money on a beautiful website that delivers nothing for you.  Another aspect of handover is making sure all the elements of the build are documented as well as how you do things.

Step 6 - Marketing

You and Us

Part of our commitment to you is to make sure that you can develop your marketing through your website.  We help you put together a marketing plan with clear actions.  All along we’ll ensure that your website can be found by the search engines.

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