Our approach to building websites.

The normal process for building websites and even making small changes to websites is lengthy and complicated.  We always knew there had to be a better way.

Why it costs so much and takes so long...

Web Agencies are full of account managers, designers, developers plus support staff.  They usually go through a fixed process for developing sites that looks a bit like this:

This process takes a lot of time.  Creating wireframes takes a week, the designs themselves can take months.  Then the agency has to build the first website. 

The other issue is that web agencies tend to build sites using code which, compared to modern methods, is like using a spoon to plough a field.

The problem with all this is not just that it's costly, but because of the time taken we usually give up and let a sub-standard design go through.

There is a better way

So what is the better way.  It’s not that you miss out any of the steps, it’s just that we can now build websites, more quickly than the time it takes to create a wireframe, never mind the designs.

In fact we draw up three designs in the space of a few hours.  Our customers can then review them online as working websites.  Then we work together through the process of building the pages and the marketing side.

All in all, our process takes around a quarter to a third of the time to build a website from scratch.  That translates into massive time and money savings for you.

Why not give us a try?

We can show you how fast we can build a website just for you.

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