How to attract visitors to your website

Attracting the right kind of visitor to your website is not about Social Media, SEO, keywords etc.  It’s about content, pure and simple.  Everything follows from that.

3 The first thing you need to do is keyword analysis.  Using keyword tools you can find out what words and phrases your customers are using to search.  Imagine being able to develop content that directly 

2 Don’t worry about a lack of an email list.  A great deal of what we do here is to build your own email list of people who are interested in what you do.  

First Step

1 If you’re just starting out then you may not have an email list.  Even if you do it’s likely that it’s out of date.  Worse, you may have bought an email list.  Bought in lists are dangerous because they can undermine your brand.  Best to use SEO in combination with Social Media and use these to build your own email list.

It is good practice to include relevant keywords in your content.  However, this has led to a phenomenon called ‘keyword stuffing’ which was an unscrupulous way to fool visitors.  Nowadays Google and other search engines can spot this trick and now look for Keywords which are used in context and in a natural way.

It’s also important to use keywords all the way throughout your content – in the meta description, page title, URL, headers and a few times throughout your article.

There are a number of tools you can use to conduct keyword research.  Tools like Moz, Ahrefs and SEMrush will show you what keywords your competitors are using.  Crucially they will also tell you how often people search for keywords, any related keywords and lots more valuable information to inform your keyword strategy.

Of course you could hire an SEO agency, but that defeats the purpose of our DIY approach.

Keyword Analysis