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Your website

We can build websites but we prefer to take what you’ve got and make it work harder for you.  That means  doing a few things  that are boring but important.

1. Your goals

We just need to understand where you’re headed and what you’re trying to do.  It’s as simple as that.  What are you selling, to whom?

2. How are you doing?

We need to get a handle on how you’re measuring things – for example – how many leads are you developing, what sources do they come from and how many do you convert into sales.

3. A basic plan

It’s no use developing a 50 page plan.  There are two reasons. 1. It will never be implemented and 2. it will change as soon as you start.  But something simple and straightforward to get us started.

4. Content

The first part of the plan is to work out what kind of content we are going to need and who is going to provide it.

5. Communication

How are you going to communicate  this content to your market.  How are you going to position your products or services in the minds of your  customers.

6. Messaging

What are the strong messages you are going to use to move your customers from where they are today to purchase your products or services.


We don’t really mean strategy, we mean actions.

social Media

What channels are we going to use.


What technology are we going to use and how will we tie that into the website.