Top 3 Website Frustrations for Small Businesses

As a small business you often face frustrations when it comes to your website. While these frustrations can vary depending on your specific business and its goals, there are three common issues that we find small businesses encounter:

Lack of Visibility and Traffic:

You may find that your website looks good and you’re very happy with the design, images, fonts and colour scheme, but the number of visitors you attract is very small. Often you can’t rank high enough in search engines so that your ability to attract potential customers is limited.

Don’t fall into the trap here of thinking a brand new website is necessarily the answer. It may be that a few tweaks here and there, some new ‘Calls To Action’, maybe a more enticing message is all you need to up the visitor numbers. You may also need to take a look at your SEO – does it still work or maybe your keywords have fallen out of favour.

All businesses need to attract new visitors to the website – from there you can start to convert them into customers.

User Experience and Conversion:

Once you start to attract more visitors you now have to grapple with how to convert visitors into enquiries and/or customers. In technology speak you need to provide visitors with an ‘optimal user experience’ on your website. Complicated navigation, slow loading times, or unclear calls-to-action can frustrate visitors and discourage conversions. Poorly designed websites that fail to engage visitors can result in missed opportunities for sales or inquiries.

Again, the mistake is to think you need a new website. You may not. You may just need to modify some of the navigation, enquiry forms or e-commerce basket.

Limited Resources for Website Maintenance:

Typically you have a limited budget and resources to dedicate to website maintenance and improvement. You may lack the technical expertise to fix issues promptly or keep up with the latest web trends. Outdated content, broken links, or security vulnerabilities can undermine the credibility of the business and negatively impact your users experience.

I think you know what we would say to that…don’t automatically think you need a new website. There are some great new ways and means to maintain and improve your website without blowing the budget. There are organisations that will take on your website and maintain it for a minimal fee.

Finding effective solutions to your website problems is a matter of analysing where your problem lies – Do you get plenty visitors but you can’t convert them into sales – then it’s not going to help to drag in more of the same visitors – maybe fewer visitors but more relevant potential customers is a better way forward.

We are always happy to discuss your website issue to see if we can come up with a solution – it may be that you need a new website but often it’s a much less drastic solution at a much lower price.

Drop us an email if you want to discuss all things webby. Remember – there is no obligation, no charge and definitely no hard sell.

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