You don’t need more leads…

Here’s the question you need to answer:

“If I had more leads what would I do with them?”

Would you  a) lose more or b) close more?

The answer of course is a) – you would lose more.

Generating more leads of the kind you already get just means spending good money after bad.  If you continue to generate leads by tele-marketing, trade shows, advertising or google ads you are throwing good money after bad.

Generating leads by telling more people about your latest offers, products, hires or sales is not going to work and is going to generate the type of lead you’re probably already getting.

Why not try generating leads through better content that strives to answer the questions in your customers’ heads.  Of course that means a bit of research to find out what their real problems are and not the imaginary ones you think the customer has.

The answer to the question ‘Do you need more leads?’ is a resounding No.  What you really need is a way to generate better quality leads.

And the way to do that is through ‘Inbound Marketing’.

Read about Inbound here.

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